TBDC Dance Team

The Beaufort Dance Company (TBDC) represents Beaufort Academy of Dance all over the southeast at dance competitions and events.  Auditions are held to join this elite group each spring. TBDC participants are given incredible opportunities to grow as a dancer and a young person all while setting themselves up for success in the dance world.

Auditions for the TBDC Dance Team occur every June.  Contact our office or TBDC Director, Laura Dansky for more information.

2022-2023 TBDC Dance Team

Jaida Garvin

High School Senior

17 years old

Amanda Crandall

High School Sophomore

16 years old

Emma Ferguson

High School Sophomore

15 years old

Shelbey Elliott

7th grade

13 years old


7th grade

13 years old

Ella Bert

4th grade

10 years old

Savannah Grilli

3rd grade

9 years old

Ishmael McGough

2nd grade

8 years old