Dance Classes

We offer classes in all types of dance for ages 18 months - adult.

The Beaufort Dance Company offers classes in:

Parent and Tot | Preschool and Kinder Tots | Tap | Jazz | Ballet/Pointe | Hip Hop | Musical Theater | Lyrical/Contemporary | and Acro!

July Summer 2023 Class Schedule (Coming June 1)

Parent and Tot

Ages 18 months to 2 years

Our Parent and Tot program is designed with the specific needs of an 18 month - 2year old in mind. For that reason, our class will use the parents to help us to orient their child to the workings of a classroom, while at the same time encouraging the child's natural movement. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through the use of music, dance, and their favorite obstacle courses. The amount of growth seen in each child by years end is truly amazing. When each class is ready, we will no longer need the aid of the parents. When the time has come (usually after about 7-8 months), our teachers and assistants will be able to work with just the children.

Each child will start to develop a sense of musicality. They will further develop their skills utilizing obstacle courses. They know they love it, and we know they are developing essential life skills! They will learn to take turns and work with other children. Most importantly they will learn to follow directions. All skills needed as they progress not only in dance but in school and throughout life.

At the end of the dance year, dancers and parents will perform in our end of the year performance together. Performances are optional but must be decided by December 1st.

Preschool and Kinder Tots

Ages 2.5 to 3 years

An introduction to music and dance which involves the development of the gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Students learn basic tap, jazz, ballet technique. Creative Movement is also used in this class to develop their imaginations. 

Ages 3.5 to 5 years

This is for the dancer who's ready for the next level. Students learn basic tap, jazz and ballet technique with dancers who are ready to do more.

Dancers are invited to participate in our semi-annual holiday performance and in our Annual Spring Performance (Recital). Performances are optional but are encouraged.


The art of tap dance involves the full body. Good tap dancing is performed with control, speed, and smoothness. Movements of the arms, legs, and body are incorporated with tap steps.

In the graded tap form, the exercises and combinations directly develop a sense of coordination, body control, the rhythmic sense and the detailed development of the feet.


Jazz is a dramatic movement experience that encourages rhythmic movements, gestures, and mimicry. Popular music stimulates the movement, accompanies it and motivates it. High energy, exhilaration, and freedom of movement are all inherent jazz.

Techniques taught include isolations of the body, polycentrics (coordinating two or more centers), movements of tension with spontaneous relaxation, locomotor actions and use of level changes. Progressions and combinations are tools used to teach techniques.

Dancers also explore musical theatre. classical jazz, and fusion Jazz.


Ballet technique requires much more concentration and discipline in order to execute the movement detail properly. Barre work, port de bras. stretching and strengthening exercises are balanced. Ballet builds a strong foundation of coordination. appreciation of art, and an expressive achievement which are great assets for any endeavor. 

Hip Hop

Students learn the most current moves and styles from the dance music video world. It's a combination of the best moves, with the hottest music, and a lot of fun!  

Other HIP HOP Classes we offer...  

HIP HOP KIDZ for ages 5-7. Dancers will enjoy 30 minutes of age appropriate, FUN music. They will be moving and grooving like the kids have seen on T.V... 

ADULT HIP HOP for ages 21 & Up. Dancers will be able to move to new and old school HIP HOP music. Burning calories and having fun at the same time. 

Musical Theater

Musical Theater

Lyrical/ Contemporary

Lyrical dance is a modern dance form which fuses jazz, and ballet. Lyrical dance is often referred to as contemporary dance. It requires excellent technique to perform, as the moves are often difficult and precise. Moreover. the dancer must be well aware of facial expressions. essentially acting. to properly perform a lyrical dance piece. 

We offer an Introductory Level of Lyrical in our Combo II classes. Level 5 and 6 dancers will enjoy this class as a supplement to traditional ballet classes.


Tumbling class consists primarily of floor tumbling in addition to stretching and conditioning exercises to increase flexibility. strength, muscle control and fluidity of movement to create unique poses and tumbling skills. Students who are dancers or cheerleaders will be able to use the motion technique to increase the skills they may already have.

Tumbling classes are available for ages 2.5yrs - Teens. There is a FLAT fee per month to take classes. If you only take our Acro / Tumbling Classes there is a registration fee of $50.00 and a class fee of $30.00 per month.