Studio Policies

Leadership, Humanity, Respect, Loyalty, Tolerance

Our staff has been carefully chosen not only for their teaching ability. but for those qualities that make a good teacher ... patience. a caring attitude. and the gift of inspiring students. 

Each student will develop to his/her full potential!

Registration Fee

A Full Season (Aug-May) fee of $50 per student is due at registration with the first month's tuition.

Spring Only $35 (Feb. 15 - Jun. 30)

Summer Session= $25 (June/ July)

Adults = $25

Fall Pre-Registration Discount (April-June)

Contact Information

The studio must have your physical address. mailing address. email. and phone number on file.

All Accounts must have a valid email address on file.  

Tuition and Late Fees

ALL accounts are required to have a valid credit/debit card on file. If you don't want your card to be charged. you must come in before the end of the month to avoid next month's charges on your card.

If Card is declined a $25.00 declined card fee will be applied to account the following day

Accounts must be paid in full the first (1st) day of each month. A $15.00 late fee is charged for any account not paid by the 2nd day of the month.

Dancers cannot attend class when accounts are 35 or more days overdue. If suspended. you are still responsible for any balance until paid and tuition will continue to be billed.

A full month's tuition is due each month no matter how many lessons are received. There are N□ deductions or refunds for absent lessons. A full month of tuition is due for the month. We only pro-rate the first month of enrollment. We do not pro-rate the month of withdrawal.

Dancers with accounts not paid in FULL at least 30 days before our end of the year recital cannot perform in the show. Please pay other fees by April 21 and May tuition by May 1st

* Please note your account will continue to be charged until appropriate withdrawal forms are submitted to the front desk.

* Withdrawal forms can be emailed to you if requested in writing or you can find the form on our website.

* There is a $35 fee for bounced checks, plus any late fees due to the returned check. 

Discounts: Families with multiple dancers will receive a discount on tuition. The 2nd child will receive 15% off tuition. the 3rd child will receive 18% off. and the 4th will receive 20% off tuition. 


Recital costumes cast between $85.00 and$135.00 per dance.

A minimum □f a $30.00 costume deposit per student. per dance for all students involved in dance classes. is due September 15th.

A 2nd costume deposit of $30 is due for all students in Combo. Advanced. Russian Ballet and Company Classes by October 15th.

A 3rd costume deposit of $30 is due for all students in Combo levels 6 up.

Costume balances are due by February 15th. A$12.00 late fee per student. per costume will apply after that date on Feb. 25th.

Dancers who register after Sept. 1st will have 15 days to opt out. Please see office for details.

Spring students do have an opportunity to perform in recital. Please see office for details.

*Costume Rentals are only for Holiday shows.

Other Expenses

Recital Participation Fee = $85 per student

Holiday Participation Fee = $85 per student

Dance Supplies

Year-End Performances

A year-end performance is held in May/ June. These performances are for those dance students wishing to participate. but is not required. A performance fee of $15 for the Holiday show and $25 Spring Recital Participation is required.