Meet Our Director

Laura Dansky is the Director and Owner of The Beaufort Dance Company.  Laura is born and raised in Beaufort and has been dancing, teaching, and choreographing in Beaufort ever since she was three years old.  Laura's dancing and choreography have won many awards and countless accolades. Laura's community roots, warm heart and talent attract the dedication and adoration of her students and families.

Why Choose T.B.D.C.?

The Beaufort Dance Company, formerly known as Beaufort Academy of Dance, began serving the Beaufort Community over 25 years ago.  We have a tradition of dedication to providing quality dance instruction in a variety of dance genres.  Our highly trained staff is impassioned about dance and highly qualified to instruct students from 18 months of age through adulthood.

We would love to talk to you about joining the TBDC family.  We can connect you with other families, our instructors, our directors, or check us out on social media to learn more about us.  Just give us a shoutout, we can't wait to start dancing together!

We have fun!

We dance!

We win!